Author Topic: [f16ref stick] 20120905_Android_ICS-ATV-108-f16ref-test  (Read 874 times)


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[f16ref stick] 20120905_Android_ICS-ATV-108-f16ref-test
« on: December 12, 2012, 08:01:54 pm »
[f16ref stick] 20120905_Android_ICS-ATV-108-f16ref-test [Stane Rom]

I have installed the rom

but no  google apps, play store and root

I have uploaded the files for anyone who has the same problems as me, so you can do an easily (re)flash (in case you screwed up like me) in 2 parts/stages.
(all credit to stane for the rom, this is just an easy patch fix)

1. extract contents of "first flash.rar" to the root of your SD card.
2. update system via update app.
3. let system install and reboot.
4. clear CD card, copy contents of "second flash.rar" to SD,
5. install from app, reboot.
6. done

I did the first part.

when I try the second part

I get : error Upgrade cannot be performed. Files needed for upgrade are missing from sdcard.

Can anyone help me with the second part ( how to instal gaps and get root )  ???

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