Did this root method work for you??

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it worked ..but I got issues..[post them]
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Nah.. It did not work for my device [what device do you have?]
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Author Topic: How to root your AMLOGIC MESON3 8726M SKT SH, MBX reference board (f16ref)  (Read 7243 times)


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If you received your device unRooted (like I did) you will be searching for this (like I did for a really long painful time  ::) )

So your search is over.. ;)

Just make sure you are using the same device here.. :D

And as always I can't and won't be held responsible if you end with a brick or divorce your wife... ;D

ps:I posted this on another forum earlier so I'm just quoting my self here.. :)

Got the same Exact issue here..
These are not the MK-802 Allwinner A10 devices

If you look up your system info you will find
"AMLOGIC 8726M3" or something similar

and yes they are NOT rooted..
I was able to root mine by flashing this file:


just copy it to your microSD and run the blue icon called "Upgrade", then choose "Local Upgrade" and select the file and wait for it to restart...
it should run in recovery mode and install the file then start the system again..

You are Rooted Now :-)
Happy rooting..

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I have this one:

I have installed stane rom, now I need second part ( gaps and root )

I have tried this, to root but is not working for me

I get : error Upgrade cannot be performed. Files needed for upgrade are missing from sdcard.


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how do you apply your update??

you have two ways:

Copy the zip to the sdcard
Install it using "update" app


get into recovery with any fake update.zip
on the sdard "by shorting the 1,2 pins"
then apply this zip to be able to see if there is any errors.