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Watching recordings from Media Center PC via DLNA on the Android MINI PC?


Hi all,

great to have a forum available for this device!

I bought this android dongle to be able to stream video's from my NAS router and Media Center PC (which both are UPNP and supports DLNA) to my TV. This construction I already use with my tablet and phone and is working great. Unfortunately the android mini pc is playing the video (even if it's a MP4 file...) at a very slow rate. Is this because of the WIFI connection(-speed)? How can I overcome this slow playing of video's? Is there anything I can test or do?



good news! I managed to get it working as intended. The setup is as follows:

-Media Center software in Windows 7 machine (other room of the house)
  -DLNA/UPNP activated
-Wireless router (2 routers for extra wifi power)
-Android mini pc
  -DLNA/UPNP browser app
  -MX Player app
  -LAN speed monitor app

When I first used the Android mini pc, the WIFI connection was so slow it streamed the recorded video file (.wtv) at a very slow rate. I added an extra wireless router in my living room to have a stronger Wifi connection. With the LAN speed monitor I discovered that you need at least a speed of 350 KB/s. Running well with 500 KB/s, usually I got an average speed of 1.2 MB/s. Streaming network video's is no problem at all!




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